Practicing Gratitude at Home During CoVid

The situation that we are in now, proves to be more challenging. It has been 8 months of staying at home for most of us and we are all coping up in our own ways with the new normal.

Here's how we can practice gratitude at home that can help us face this challenging time.

Write down Thank You Notes

Write those notes of appreciation for everyone whom you are thankful for having in this time of pandemic. May it be for appreciating great music , or a quality time spent with your loved ones. 

Exercise Self Care

We are all affected with the events that currently surrounds us. Don't beat your self up if you are not able to keep pace with the changes ahead. it's ok to missed out on some important events, cancelled plans and unforseen hiccups along the way. It is totally fine. You are doing your best and its ok to stay behind. Start exercising compassion with yourself first.

Spread Kindness

Thank your mom for a well cooked meal. Appreciate your children's creativity and laughter. Being at home and staying with them for extra more hours as compared to when you have to be in the office before, is already a big blessing. Positive vibes begets positive outcome.

Accept Each Day As a Gift

Being able to see the sun rays seeping through the windowsills, is a gift. Consider each morning that you will get up from bed without any sickness as a bonus. In this trying time, every second that you are able to wallk healthily is a huge thing.

Start and End your day with Gratitude

Everyday, before you leave your bed, make it a point to list down one gratitude on your journal. It helps set your day into a great start. At the same time, before you lay down at night, pair it with another gratitude for something that happened to you within the day. 

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