Home to artists, writers and part-time residents seeking a cozy cottage or spacious getaway nestled on a hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands, Summerland gives residents a small-town vibe in a world-class setting.

Adjacent to tony Montecito, Summerland is one of Santa Barbara’s most charming communities, aided in part by a unique history. Harry L. Williams founded Summerland in the late 1800s as a place to pursue his interest in the supernatural. Like-minded citizens soon followed him and the town was born. Not long after, oil was discovered beneath its soil and just offshore, which catapulted it briefly into an oil-producing region.

After the oil supply dried up, the land returned to its former lush beauty and shines today as a petite, extraordinary, unparalleled village. The small town features large estates, modest neighborhoods and an attractive commercial district.

The laid-back town of 1,500 residents offers flip-flop and family-friendly restaurants, the beautiful beachside Lookout Park, and homes with expansive lawns, play areas and direct access to the beach. 

The nearby Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club lends the area a royal vibe while Summerland’s lovely Lillie Avenue gives antique treasure hunters shops to continue their search and wine enthusiasts places to linger over a glass of wine. The pristine Summerland Beach nearby invites long walks or a cooling dip in the Pacific.

If you’re looking in Summerland, reach out to Maureen McDermut. Her deep knowledge, experience and connections will help you land the home of your dreams.  

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